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RTV and Urethane Castings

Dremel---Side-By-Side.jpgRoom temperature vulcanization (RTV) rubber tooling provides cost and time effective solutions for higher quantities of prototypes in a wider variety of materials. RTV tooling can produce as many as 50 parts per mold cavity at a rate of 5 to 45 urethane castings per mold cavity. Cast urethane materials can mimic production parts in material properties, thermal properties, color and surface texture. Inserts can even be molded into the castings! Rapid_Prototyping_Stereolithography_Request_for_Quote.jpg


Flashlight_side-by-side.jpgKey Benefits

  • When multiple models are needed
  • Resembles actual production models
  • 5 day turnaround
  • Draft not needed on CAD data
  • Parts with undercuts can be reproduced


  • Guarantee 50 shots per mold
  • Molded in inserts and color
  • 85 shore D - 35 shore A
  • Up to 45 castings per day ting can be a different urethane material to hone in on your specific application ​​​​​urethane01.jpg